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1973 Camaro Z28

My 1973 Camaro Z28.

Sales & Dealership Items

Chevrolet used many interesting forms of advertising for its cars. Whether it be giving promo models of cars to customers or sending prior customers postcards with cars on them, Chevrolet got the message out to potential customers.

Bump 'N Go Car Toys

In the late 60's and early 70's, Japanese toy manufacturers produced tin car toys with a "Mystery Bump 'N Go" feature.

1:64 Scale Diecast Cars

These small cars are commonly referred to simply as Matchbox cars but Matchbox is just one manufacturer of them. Currently Matchbox and Johnny Lightning are two of the leaders in this market.

1:24 Scale Diecast Cars

The cars are approximately 8 inches in length and are very detailed for their size. 

1:18 Scale Diecast Cars

These cars are approximately 11 inches in length and are big enough for the manufacturers to include a lot of detail. Many of these cars are true miniature versions of the actual car they represent.

1:18 Scale Custom Diecast Cars

These cars have been customized with different interiors or wheels or painted in different paint schemes.  There's also some autographed diecast cars on this page.

Miscellaneous Camaro Toys

The Camaro has always been a very popular car and toy manufacturers throughout the years have created several types of toys based on it.


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